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Entrepreneur meets CRM.

ProtoCRM creates customized, white-labled CRM applications built on our flexible platform that you can take to market as part of your technology offering. Do you have a captive audience? Are you a sales or marketing thought-leader? Let ProtoCRM be your technology partner in delivering a highly customized CRM application.

For thought-leaders...

Business coaches, consultants, authors, and other sought-after sales gurus have a unique opportunity to encapsulate their training and methods into a branded CRM application. But the costs of developing a custom CRM can tally in the millions. Let ProtoCRM be your technology partner.

For franchisors...

Franchisors, licensors, and direct sales organizations have a strong need to unify sales and marketing efforts across the brand. But how can you ensure everyone is on the same platform? A white-labeled ProtoCRM application can unify your sales force and provide high-level data insights that are otherwise costly to assemble.

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